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Why Use An Attorney For South Florida Real Estate Transactions?

Should you be using an attorney to help with your Florida real estate transaction?

Use of an attorney is not required for Florida real estate closings. So what are the benefits of putting a legal expert in your corner anyway? What should Miami home buyers and sellers be looking for in a great real estate attorney?


Choosing the Right Professionals for Your FL Real Estate Moves

Unlike some other states and countries Miami home buyers and sellers do not have to use an attorney in the process. They certainly cannot be forced to work with the other party’s legal counsel or title insurance providers. In South Florida home buyers traditionally choose their own title company to work with (and pay for their services at the closing).

When buying a home in Miami you may use a title company, real estate attorney’s office, or both. Attorneys often provide title and closing services. Most title companies will have an attorney on staff. There may be discounts, increased efficiency, and extra value to be found in leveraging these bundled services from the same office.

Why Use an Attorney?

Even though an attorney is not required they can be invaluable in the process. Unfortunately; the system has been set up in a way that restricts Miami real estate agents from providing recommendations and input that may be seen as ‘legal advice’. In spite of the fact that Florida Realtors may know a lot of the answers, this is meant to protect home buyers and sellers with professional legal advice from an unbiased third party.

A real estate attorney can help:

  • Review purchase contracts
  • Explaining terms and obligations
  • Reviewing condo and HOA docs
  • Holding the other party accountable to their obligations
  • Providing title searches, insurance, and closing services
  • Negotiating issues such as code violations, liens, and more
  • Making smart family and estate planning moves

What to Look for in a Good Miami Real Estate Attorney

Much like any other real estate professional it is important to interview and select a lawyer wisely. There are obvious things to look for in your due diligence such as length of experience and track record. However, it is also important to evaluate fees, net value, and potential total costs.

There are cut rate legal services out there that thrive on creating more problems in order to generate more billing hours for their firms, and that use low level legal assistants and paralegals for most of their workload. Then there are those experienced veterans with formidable reputations that may be able to achieve far more in far less time just by attaching their name to a letter, or having their name in the deal. The net value of a great attorney can often be far better, even if their hourly rate may appear higher. Choose one that won’t just tell you what you want to hear, but that will look to save you money and will tell it how it is to protect you.


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