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10 Devices to Upgrade Your Miami Property with Smart Home Automation

Geek out your Miami home or condo with these smart home automation gadgets…

While waiting on Google and Apple branded smart homes to become a reality Miami property owners can give themselves an affordable upgrade with a variety of smart home technology devices.

Adding a little tech to your Miami property can seriously increase appeal when renting out and reselling, reduce your bills and efficiency, while boosting home security, and wow your friends in the meantime.

According to a 2015 report on the Internet of Everything (IoT) by Delaware custom home builder Turnstone; the average home will have over 500 smart devices within the next 7 years, and 1 billion homes are already connected. No one wants to be left. So what types of smart home devices can South Florida real estate owners get their hands on now?

10 Smart Home Automation Systems to Check Out

1. Nest


Nest offers an incredibly popular digital thermostat, Smoke and CO alarm Nest Protect  and the Nest Cam. Together they not only enable users to control home temperature and increase efficiency but act as a smoke detector, home video and audio security system, and even pet and child monitor. From your smartphone you can watch, listen, and talk back to those in your home from virtually anywhere.

2. NETGEAR Arlo Smart Home Security Cameras

Netgear Arlo

At BestBuy Miami home and condo owners can pick up this wireless HD security system for indoor and outdoor use for under $500. Cameras are completely wireless and run on a pair of small batteries. Place these cameras around your home or condo without the traditional requirement for AC power source.

3. August Smart Lock


This Bluetooth smart lock is one of the best reviewed on the market. It works with existing deadbolt locks in your home, and is yours for just $250 as of June 2015.

4. Smart Vents


Keen Home Smart Vents replace your old air conditioning vents and intelligently adjust air flow so that Sunshine State residents don’t have to suffer from the notorious issue of one half of the house being freezing cold, while other rooms are too hot to sleep in.

5. Rainmachine


The RainMachine and similar smart home automation systems are critical for sunny South Florida residents with a garden. These devices automate your irrigation based on the weather to ensure your yard isn’t burnt up, while avoiding massive water bills.

6. Tesla Powerwall

Tesla Powerwall

The Tesla Powerwall from tech genius Elon Musk stores solar power in a sleek home battery pack so that Miami property owners can get a lot more out of their solar power systems. However, note that Florida entrepreneur Joe Esposito who may have come up with the idea first for his sustainable Mesocore homes says you might need 3 Powerwalls to avoid clocking up any AC bills.

7. Hue

Philips Hue

Philips Hue lighting enables users to control the color of their lighting via their iPhones and iPads. Create the perfect ambiance for any mood or occasion, on demand. Though while hue lightbulbs may use 80% less power, they run about $60 a piece from the Apple store.

8. Live!y


Live!y connects your home via sensors and a smart watch to help seniors and others needing care. It provides step counters, medication reminders, and emergency service contact with the touch of a button. Could be especially beneficial for those with family retiring to Florida, as well as the season flock of snowbirds.

9. Zwave Controllers


Zwave controllers offer a range of touchscreens, remotes and wireless hubs to control everything from your garage door, to water temperature, shades, and more. Zwave controllers provide the ability to control devices from many different manufactures, and is something for the real techie, as the devices are at as simple as the other items on this list.

10. Vivint


Vivint offers a number of connected home options including a doorbell camera that can be viewed on your smartphone, and up to 100mbps internet for just $60 per month. Check out their site for frequent deals and giveaways.

It Pays to Be Connected in Miami

Just like it pays to be connected to club promoters, restaurateurs, and Realtors in Miami, having a connected Florida home or condo does too. Yes, it might provide must-have style, but the right connected devices can also save you on your insurance bill, utilities, and delivers great peace of mind.



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